Simple 404 Checker in Google Sheets with Scheduler

Checking for broken links is one of the boring tasks every digital marketer should do on a regular basis so his/her budget is not wasted on people landing to broken pages. The common question I’ve been getting is: “How can we check for broken links in Google Sheets on regular basis?”

Well, today, I’m releasing a new simple 404 checker in Google Sheets with a scheduling feature which solves that problem.

The beauty is that:

  1. You can check up to 1000 URLs. During my testing I was able to do even more. If you have many URLs which go to non existing domains, the tool will run much slower (about 5 seconds for each request) and may not be able to check for 1000 URLs so please keep that in mind.
  2. You can schedule the checks for broken links.
  3. You can receive an email if a page without 200 status is found.

The price is 20 USD.


The configuration is very simple.

  1. You add your URLs into column A:
    404 Checker in Google Sheets
    Please make sure that you don’t have many URL duplicates on your list – they will make run the tool much slower completely unnecessarily.
  2. You can setup how often to run the checks – never, hourly, daily or weekly. Don’t forget to save the schedule. Keep in mind that Google allows to make around 20,000 HTTP requests per day. So if you have 1000 URLs to be checked every hour, the tool will likely fail during the last 4 runs.
  3. You can decide whether you want to be notified via email with a list of pages which did not have 200 status during the last check by selecting “Emails enabled” or “Emails disabled”.
  4. Run the tool manually for the first time by clicking “Run Status Check Now”. The first run will trigger an authorization prompt – please authorize it otherwise, the tool will not work.

Besides having the tool running on schedule, you always have an option to run the check manually by clicking “Run Status Check Now”.

This video shows how the tool works for real:

And that’s it!

The price is 20 USD.

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