How to Get Google Ads Lead Forms to Google Sheets and Get Notified via Email?

Google has recently released a new extension type called “Lead form extensions”. The new extension allows your customers to submit contact forms directly from the search engine without having to visit your page. This is a great addition to the extension portfolio especially for the service oriented businesses. This article will help you automate processing […]

Supermetrics for Google Data Studio: a Biased Review from a Power BI Fan

If you are a frequent visitor of this blog, you probably already know by now that I’m a big Power BI fan thanks to its endless customization options, especially in the Power Query editor. However, I will take a step back today. Not everybody needs to have an advanced and super-customized reports. In this article, […]

Generate PPC Keyword Lists with SQL in BigQuery

If you run massive search accounts with millions of keywords created based on templates, it can get really tricky to regularly generate such keyword lists on scale on daily basis for example. You can: Write your keywords manually. Good luck with that. Do some copying and pasting in Excel/Google Sheets. Good luck with making no […]