Free Google Ads Script for Monitoring Big Drops in Account Cost Day over Day

Voila, a new script is out!

Have you ever noticed super late after your client’s account stopped running? E. g. due to all ads being disapproved, client’s card could not be charged etc.?

“Account Spend Watcher” script will notify you if there is big drop in account’s cost when looking at yesterday vs yesterday minus 1 day.

What exactly does it do?

  1. It crawls through all your accounts with spend in the last 7 days under your MCC. Yes, the script only works in an MCC.
  2. It compares yesterday cost vs yesterday minus 1 day cost for each account.
  3. If the script sees higher drop than the threshold you set, it will send you an email.

Alright, how to use the thing?

  1. Download the script from here.
  2. Copy the contents of the file and go to script section of either your MCC
  3. Create new script
  4. Paste the code
  5. Adjust the input parameters at the top of the script:
  6. Run it.
  7. Approve all the permissions.
  8. Schedule it – daily.
  9. You will get en email if you account just died

Enjoy 🙂


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