Send Google Sheet File as Attachment in Scheduled Email with Supermetrics

Are you wondering how to send Google Sheet files as attachments in scheduled emails? If you are a coder, you can code your own GoogleApps script. However, not everyone is a coder right? (yet). So what about dummies like me who cannot really code?

Well, there might be an easy to use solution for you. It’s called Supermetrics for Google Sheets.


Supermetrics for Google Sheets is a tool which allows you to pull data from nearly all online marketing platforms (AdWords, BingAds, Facebook…you name it) into Google Sheets. They are also offering set of features inside the main product which allow you to schedule & send Google Sheet file as an attachment. 

I think the emailing set of features alone is worth the price – it’s around $40-50/month depending on for how long you buy and where you are located. If you don’t want to buy right away, you can simply go for 14 day trial.

Interested? Read on.

Scheduling Emails from Google Sheets

So after you start your Supermetrics trial (or buy your licence), you open your Google Sheet which you want to send out as attachment, say every Monday morning. Then you go to Add-ons>Supermetrics. In case you are too fast, you will only see “Launch” in the Supermetrics submenu. When you click “Launch”, the “Subsubmenu” will appear as on my image:

Then you start the scheduling process. You setup “triggers”. 1 trigger = 1 email to go out. You start with action field. You can email daily, weekly or monthly:

Once you set your frequency, you need to select the day. In my case, I am doing Monday weekly email so I am selecting Monday:

Then you setup your processing time:

Then you select whether you want to send out all sheets or just 1 sheet:

You select the format of the attachment. You can select all common formats such as PDF, Excel, CSV, TSV…:

Then the most important part: Email to field. To whom you want to send your file as an attachment? You can list multiple emails separated by commas.

Then you setup email attributes such as subject or filename of the attachment:

You can also setup conditional emailing. This is more advanced feature but basically, you have an option to send the email out ONLY IF a specified cell is not blank. Here is how to do it:

  1. Assume your target cell checked by Supermetrics is A1 on a sheet X
  2. The cell A1 can contain simple IF formula checking various conditions based on your scenario.
  3. You can have something like =IF(A1>0,”Send”,””). Obviously, the way you define your condition is crucial here. Alert: you need to enter the formula into A1 on sheet X like you normally do in Google Sheets. That is outside the Supermetrics window!!!
  4. When it’s time to send your scheduled email, Supermetrics will first check wether A1 is blank or not. Since we have IF formula in A1, the email is actually depending on the formula in A1. So if cell A1 is higher than 0, then “Send” will be shown and email will go out, otherwise blank value will be shown… If A1 was not higher than 0, the formula would return blank value and email would not be sent at the time of processing because A1 is blank.


You can also dynamically reference values from the sheet itself OR some time related values such as date for “yesterday” and use the values in email’s subject, body or attachment’s filename.

It’s pretty self-explanatory. You can use placeholders for #DAY#, #MONTH#, #YEAR#, #DATE#, #MONTHNAME#, #DAYOFWEEK#, #WEEK#, #LASTMONTH#, #LASTMONTHNAME#, #YESTERDAY#.

Or you can reference values from specific cells by using #CELLVALUE_sheetname_celladdress#, so for example #CELLVALUE_Sheet1_A2# to get value from cell A2 of Sheet1.

Once your email is setup, you send a test email to yourself:

You can also set up multiple triggers = multiple emails from 1 Google Sheet 🙂 So you can be sending sheet X on daily basis and sheet Y on weekly basis at different times. You will just need to setup a new trigger. Since I am setting up the first trigger, I see only “Trigger 1”:

My Long Term Experience

  • Despite the fact this emailing set of features from Supermetrics is not the primary function of the product, it serves me really well even in projects where I simply want to email my Google Sheets as attachment (without actually downloading anything from AdWords or Bing.)
  • I am mostly satisfied with this solution, however, the email occasionally fails to be sent out. I’d say the reliability oscillates around 98%.
  • When the email fails, you can still trigger the processing again by clicking “Process all triggers now” – this option will appear in the setup window in the bottom left corner once you finish your first trigger.
  • I really like all the options you are given – various attachment formats, placeholder values, referenced values from cells etc.

If you are eager try, visit Supermetrics for Google Sheets  and take the free 14 day trial, play with it and see how it goes.

Disclaimer: I may receive commission if you sign up and start paying for the service but I am honestly recommending the product since I have been using it for more than 2 years.


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