Below First Page Bid Checker Script for Google Ads

A new script is out! Do you find it difficult to monitor your top keyword bids so you always stay above the first page bid? This new script is here to help you.

What does it do?

  1. It pulls all keywords with impressions from your account (not MCC level!).
  2. It finds the top X keywords. You are able to define how many keywords you want to monitor.
  3. Then it finds the keywords which currently have the bid below first page bid. This also means that the script only looks at keyword level bids!
  4. It emails you the list of KWs with recommended % to push so you match the first page bid.

There is a setup section as usual at the top of the script:

  1. You need to setup the minimum impression threshold for keywords which you want to check with this script. The lookback window is 30 days. Choose a reasonable number – it should be a number of impressions which is not super high, nor supper low. Imagine it’s your average number of impressions for an average keyword. This is here to make the script run faster so only KWs with higher traffic are evaluated by the script and not every single keyword with an impression.
  2. You also need to setup how many top KWs you want to monitor.
  3. Then you need setup the email address which will get an email notification if KWs below first page bid are found.
  4. Then you can allow me to count how many times you have run the script. I am not stealing any sensitive data. It’s just a simple event counter.
  5. Then in the paid version, you can limit the scope by running the script only over campaigns with contain a specific string – e. g. “brand”.


Note that in order to do all the magic, the script is also using Google Sheets in the evaluation process for creating a temporary file which is then removed at the very end of the script.

And that’s it!





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